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Aloha Pamela.
We met briefly this past Saturday at RLP in Tecate. I spied your cases and asked if they were violins or ukes. I was delighted to learn they were ukes! I had mine with me which led to a short chat about ukes, the islands, hula and music. The woman with you is a hula dancer. You treated us to a beautiful abbreviated song and hula. Thank you! That was a magical moment.
We were leaving and you had just arrived.
After reading your bio tonight and learning something about your musical past, I must say I am honored to have met you. Thank you for taking a moment out to share your beautiful instrument with me.
We were quite bummed to learn you are performing guests this week and we had to miss your show.
I hope we meet again in the future,
Rodney and Joyce Howard.
2 new fans!
Hi Rodney,
Of course I remember you - and all your friends! It was really fun for us to give you an a cappella preview of our show :-) And we were sorry we missed your jam session!
Please let me know if you come to Maui sometime. I hope by next week Iʻll know our next date for RLP if youʻd like to meet us here - check in with me again then:
Much aloha, Pamela
Rodney Howard
San Diego, Ca.
It has been a great discovery to come across your Album Gentle Soul and than do some digging into your other music. Loved going through your unreleased Album that story is a shame. Best of luck and hope your music gets rereleased. Much is hard to find
Thank you, Mark... keep your eyes on a company in England called BGO Records - theyʻre going to release two of my albums on CD early next year (2019). Much aloha, and thanks for the appreciation, Pamela
Mark Blom
Puyallup Washinton
Hi Pamela,

It was a real treat for Sue and I to meet you at the Kula Lodge and for you to share some great stories with us. Many thanks for making that day extra special to us!

PS - if we ever get backstage with JB we will pass on your kind thoughts!
Thank you!! Sorry it took me so long to notice your post on my guestbook... I guess I donʻt come here very often :-) Hope all is well. Much aloha, p
Michael & Sue Phillips
Burlington, Ontario
Pamela- I love your music and your style. I was just watching Joe Cocker during the wild days on YouTube. We have lost so many great musicians over the past few years. I am finally retired and am pursuing my music as a bass player something I have always done but never enough because I had to have a steady job to support my family. Best wishes to you and yours. Peace.
Hi Charles, well, it only took me two years to notice your message in my guestbook :-) I hope by now, you are well established as a bass player and enjoying your retired life. Much aloha, Pamela
Charles Link
Buffalo NY, live in Orlando FL
Your song "Tulsa County Blue" as recorded by the Byrds is one of my0 all-time favorites. Also saw your name in writing credits on "Goin' Home Song" on an old Steve Gillette album. Very interesting that you settled in Hawaii. I was born in Hawaii, and performed with Halau Keali`i o Nalani in Los Angeles for a few years. Aloha.
Thank you, Mike - I really appreciate you noticing the songwriter credits!! It seems we have much in common as i also performed with a hālau here on Maui - first as a dancer for 10 years, and then as the hālau band - which I still do on a regular basis. Aloha!
Mike T
Santa Monica, CA
Still appreciate your work - hope you get my email. if not, well, know you have a fan from afar
Thank you, Larry. Iʻm glad you found me, and me you.
Larry Stolberg
Minneapolis Minnesota
Was just watching some Mad Dogs and Englishman videos on YouTube and re-living some great times. I know I'm late but condolences on the passing of Joe ... good times ... great music ...
Thank you, Bob. Itʻs never too late to honor the passing of a friend, and such an awesome talent. Thanks for posting a note here. And yes, those most certainly were great times, and music. Iʻm still honored to have been a part of it, 45 years later. Warmest aloha to you, Pamela
Bob Jewett
dear Pamela, Hi it's T.A.G. Gibbs from Mill Valley. I gave you a Star Registry Birthday gift ,and I was one of your vocal coaching students!... Good Times!.....
hope you are well!, I enjoied reading the recently posted interview of you. Cool.
Happy New Year!
Hi Tag!
Lovely to hear from you, and thanks for following my adventures on Facebook :-) Many blessings to you this coming new year, and tons of aloha. And thank you again for the star!!! :-) p.
Thomas (T.A.G.) Gibbs
Lake county CA. (mill valley)
E mele nani,

Getting to know you has been a sheer pleasure
Your music has touched my life for more years then I'd care to think about
You certainly are one of a kind

Aloha nui loa e hoaloha pūnono,
Hi Scotty,
I love when my "fans" become my "friends" - that seems like how it should be, yes?
Iʻm enjoying our continued friendship.
Scott Kahme
Had the pleasure of re-experiencing 'Mad Dogs.." on DVD, after having not seen the film in 40+ years. I remember the film well and the concert in NYC attended as a teenager. Great music make for great memories, Don
Hi Don,
Yes, Mad Dogs is truly the gift that keeps on giving. So glad you got to enjoy it again. I still watch the clips on YouTube now and again. So long ago but in some ways seems like yesterday. Aloha, p
Don Adler
Hoboken, NJ , USA

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